Software Development Outsourcing


Our outsourcing service allows companies to achieve their strategic and operational objectives, reducing costs and time.

If you leave your IT projects to a company specialized in the area, you will be able to focus on matters of greater relevance to your company and improve the quality of the services offered.

The operations that are not essential to your business but require attention create delays in critical processes, and do not let you focus entirely on them. People who are prepared for these tasks should be the ones carrying them out, achieving a reduction in costs and time.

MART LT prides itself on providing the highest quality service because we have a team of sound professionals in each of the positions they hold, ensuring that the tasks to be completed will be carried out efficiently.

We are specializing on software development based on Java/J2EE programming language and J2EE technology. We had successfully delivered web based applications and also stand alone solutions. Key technologies used in projects: Spring, Hibernate, EJB3, SWT, GWT, Struts, etc. Almost all our project were database oriented and were based on Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or DB2.

MART LT has a team of highly-qualified professionals to carry out the required work. Each of the team members is fully committed to the values of the company and that is why they are responsible for each of their actions.

MART LT has the experience, the characteristics and the skills needed to create solid and reliable software at a low cost and in an effective time.


Why Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process in which a particular company assigns resources, oriented to fulfill certain duties, to an outside firm, specializing in the work to be done.

The benefits of outsourcing depend on the situation of the company. However, MART LT offers you the following advantages:

Reduce operating costs

  • Lower costs due to economy of scale.
  • Save on training costs.
  • Turn fixed costs into variable costs.
  • Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure.
  • Avoid the cost of chasing technology.

Improve and Increase

  • Improve speed and service.
  • Improve processes efficiency.
  • Increase flexibility to meet changing business conditions.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Provide the best quality services, products and people.

Transfer your risks

  • Reduce the risk of technological obsolescence.
  • Improve risk management.
  • Minimize the impact of constant changes in applications and standards.
  • Cut dependency upon internal resources.
  • Reduce the number of employees.

Focus on strategic thinking

  • Offload non core functions.
  • Focus scant resources on time-critical projects.
  • Increase commitment and energy in non-core areas of the company.

Other advantages

  • Be reliable and innovative.
  • Get access to specialized skills on recent technologies and programming languages.
  • Get access to the expertise of the provider in solving problems with similar requirements.
  • Get access to best practices and consolidated methodologies.
  • Establish a long-term and strategic relationship with an expert provider to reach competitive advantages.
Why Lithuania?

Lithuania is taking a prominent role in the international IT scenario. The following are some of the strong points that make Lithuania one of the main countries for outsource these kind projects:

  • The government benefits for IT activities
  • The well known skills and capacities of the qualified IT professionals
  • The advantage of Lithuanian man-month costs in relationship with developed countries
  • The professionals speak perfect English

Competitive costs
In Lithuania, outsourcing shows important competitive advantages regarding the costs of the main supplies required for this activity: electricity, telecommunications and labor force, all of which represent 70% of the total costs.
Besides, the public sector benefits call centers with tax reductions as an incentive to the activity.
Building platforms to provide business outsourcing processes for local and foreign companies has become possible due to the high competitiveness exhibited by Lithuania in terms of costs.

Lithuania offers full connectivity nodes where the leading international providers interconnect. Thus, we have multiple access routes to the telecommunication networks and gain world communication coverage through optical fiber networks in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
In addition to this, our country is crossed by telephone, data transmission and Internet access networks belonging to the leading world operators.

The level of education of the Lithuanian society since the last century has been one of the highest. The ratio between university students and the total population is the largest in the region, and can be compared to that in developed countries.



When companies consider outsourcing, they immediately start thinking about the advantages they will gain from it. However, companies that contract outsourcing providers do not consider that the problems arising are due to the location of the provider they chose: usually India or some Asian country.

However, all these difficulties can be easily solved by selecting the right outsourcing provider, the one who has the necessary expertise, the qualified resources and the unavoidable compromise to carry out the tasks that will help your company improve its performance.

MART LT counts on each of these qualities, those that develop the confidence that our customers need to choose us as the company which will manage their software projects.