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Electronic commerce can be defined as a business form in which the parties interact electronically, without physical connection.

E-commerce - the general concept that includes business transactions, controlled electronically, using the telecommunications network.
Electronic commerce is developing, managing and expanding commercial relationships online. This new business has a rapidly expanding the possibilities of increasing global competition and the huge consumer expectations. Throughout the world businesses are changing their organizational structures and operational forms of the old hierarchy of gradually decline, falling barriers between the companys customers and suppliers. In order to overcome many of the barriers, the business processes of reorganization and the reorganization of the most often include all the company, its partners, customers and even suppliers.

Electronic commerce is a tool to facilitate such exchanges and to support the global level. It allows enterprises to more efficiently and more flexibly to internal operations, working closely with suppliers and more responsive to customer needs and expectations.

Successful e-commerce may include the planned procurement, development and product design, production, or directing a production of marketing, sales, service, cooperation, business, product distribution, research, information dissemination, business communities in the creation, training, events and many other business areas.

To cite a few examples of electronic commerce:

  • consumers more aware about products online before buying them in the "real world";
  • users of the network subscription products and receive a public presentation (by mail) or via the Internet;
  • students participate in distance education programs, the Internet (on-line), and thus receive a degree or a profession;
  • citizens of the network to communicate with public authorities, replacing the drivers licenses, register vehicles, pay taxes, requests for building permits or participates in other processes;
  • the company sells products or services to consumers or other firms;
  • firms find projects online or download the electronic files (image, data, records, or text files) over the Internet;
  • the company provides technical information or to serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • the Internet provides information on entertainment and other events;

Government and its institutions, processes the requests and proposals and other documents submitted by the Internet.

One of the e-commerce in the electronic trade. Now e-commerce is one of the most promising and cutting-edge Internet technologies. Electronic commerce can be divided into the bulk of the supply of goods or services in a large order, and retail, where the customer is usually a direct user. However, although these special cases are of great economic importance, they are only the common e-business models. Other no less important could be the company`s internal transactions, or information exchange between enterprises.

Many people have e-commerce understand how the traditional sales online. Let the other side. E-commerce project may not be selling to customers online, but to serve and provide the information is already involved in electronic commerce.

Analyze examples:

  • enterprise, which engaged in the delivery of gravel to customers, orders for the next day can take its web site at any time - day or night;
  • social welfare non-profit institution prepares adolescents debate where the questions submitted anonymously electronically and responses are presented in the website, where anyone can see the answers;
  • small antique shop attached to the web site of its catalog to show your new customers around the world;
  • community organization through the Internet organized by its members, meetings, provide information about community services, events and other occasion.

Electronic commerce, which does not directly benefit, but also expands and reinforces your business, examples include:

  • Information about your company presentation, facilitating cooperation with the company\\\'s customers, clients, job seekers, and others willing to communicate with the firm;
  • Decrease the sales cycle, providing detailed information about the products. You can offer products to customers who may otherwise not available;
  • offers the highest quality customer service online;
  • communication between business partners.

E-commerce - the exchange of technology. Companies which understand it as the only existing operations to, electronic commerce will provide limited benefits. In the meantime, companies wishing to change their organization and business processes, it will open up new opportunities and will bring the greatest benefit.


Website development is - the user door to you. How widely they opened, depends on how much your site is informative.
Provide as much information as possible about the proposed goods and services. Because I do not know which is characteristic of the product will make the visitor user.
Web sites world is - for 24 hours. daily existence of the virtual space, which you will attract real users.
A progressive, high quality, informative web site is - in your face for visitors who are looking to become customers.

  • Varying complexity web development, web development
  • Dynamic Web Sites, development
  • custom modules (from the directory to the e-mail. Stores)
  • text layout
  • Website design (web development)
  • Site Programming- Website development
  • Access Statistics -Website development
  • Spec. Programming modules - Website development
  • Spec. content management system (CMS) - Website development

Each project will take account of the specifics of your business, drawing attention to the target audience, needs, and the specifics of style. It is very important that the information on the site to quickly and easily found, easily formed orders, it is necessary to have clear navigation, the text must be easily legible, color stylistic meaningful, timely provide the latest information, anonsuojamos of the shares, the additional products/services.

For companies that already have sites that meet their design decisions, hopes that their site would not change visually, but has problems with the updating of the information - we offer e-line CMS content management system website. This system will allow easy management of the site, its structure, place, alter, update the information.

Businesses that require the optimal variant, does not need specific software solutions and implementing CMS-line (web site content management program). Content management for the administration and the appearance of the site has little in common, so regardless of the SDS system, all sites appear visually different.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization "SEO") - combination of websites, to better local search results. To achieve this, it should be done so that all the information the website can easily reach the search engines, metadata are prepared weighting, Pages abundant references to, as well as the site must be accessible from the more other sites. Usually purpose is to get the first 10 search results in the imposition of a selected target phrase. In the SEO process also includes the words used in the text of the selection and presentation of the visible page area, and metadata. This term is often widely used search engine marketing, as the action, directly or indirectly to the generic name of the site\'s ranking.

We will help your website become more visible!

Web Development time depends on the complexity of creating the site, and can range from 2 weeks to 2-3 months.

Each work is unique, so creative and productive conditions of each particular case in question


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