About us

MART LT is a software development company with its center in Lithuania that offers IT solutions and consulting services.

By adding value to each one of the projects we develop, we provide the highest quality service to satisfy the needs of our customers, making possible to achieve their strategic objectives.

We believe that every solution will be effective only if it is perfectly aligned with the strategies, practices, structures and vision of your business. That is why our main objective is to contribute to the improvement of the performance of your business processes, gathering the precise information, achieving a detailed analysis and suggesting excellent solutions in order to obtain an advantaged position over your company's competitors.

MART LT dedicates all its efforts to the design, creation and maintenance of the software each company needs since we understand that each business project is unique in its concept and definition.

We direct our work towards companies and we offer them the knowledge needed in order to use the new information technologies as "tools" of high precision, which makes their growth more secure and sustained.

We are characterized by personal service and honesty through which we handle our business, trying to better ourselves day by day, based on our consolidated team work.

Using the latest technology available in the market, we managed to create more robust, flexible and easy-to-use applications to satisfy these needs.

MART LT has a team of highly-qualified professionals to carry out the required work. Each of the team members is fully committed to the values of the company and that is why they are responsible for each of their actions.

MART LT has the experience, the characteristics and the skills needed to create solid and reliable software at a low cost and in an effective time.

Our mission:
To make a contribution through an innovative way of thinking and a strong commitment to the organizations, providing services in the IT area according to the needs, adapting ourselves to market requirements, using the latest technologies and focusing on the quality of the service provided.

Our vision:
To become the leading provider of software solutions in the international market.

Our values:
In order to accomplish its mission, MART LT supports its corporate values:

  • Innovation: We encourage the creativity and innovative solutions of the whole team.
  • Commitment: MART LT is strongly committed to each of its customers.
  • Teamwork: Cooperation, collaboration and teamwork are the essence of our work.
  • Responsibility: We are responsible for our actions and for the results they bring about.
  • Quality/Excellence: We are constantly seeking quality and excellence through sustained improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • Passion for what we do: Our passion is the driving force that keeps us growing and committing ourselves to new challenges every day.